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Where is the market for all these apps?

The right has way more rainbow in their step than they realize. Why do we need all these sites for anonnymous sex? Addiction and promiscuity are the 2 things that are the cause of all of the blight on the LGBT community. Maaybe I just hit it lucky I have a lover for 25 years and a boyfriwnd for 8 years and we all live together and keep it at home.

Great article if you own an iPhone. How about those of us who use android phones.

Most of these apps are only for those great cult of apple fanatics. Search for: A shame you can't support 4. I hope that if more ppl get involved with the project, that becomes possible. Would be nice to have the actual app to receive live notifiactions.

The Best Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds

That being clarified, I will take a look on the browser version. Once again, thx for replying and explaining things to us!

Would it hurt to make it compatible with S3, though? Also, another guy reported here on this very same sub it's not compatible with his S4 either.

Sometimes the browser on my phone doesn't work properly and would be nicer to have the actual app installed to receive notifications A little piece of advice: Anyway, I've sent them an e-mail. Hopefully they're decent developers and will look into the issues. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. You come off as pompous and worst case, pretty dumb if you use the words wrong.

Mike Huckabee knows the “greatest threat” to America: queer people

You want to give people the chance to know you as you are. Now, it sounds like this could contradict rule 1 but you still should never lie or misrepresent yourself. There should be pictures of you on a trail of some sort. Looking for a perpetual player 2? Talk about your game collection.

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Everyone has a type of person that they want. At most, there should be two paragraphs per section. Plus, you want to have something to talk about when you go on your date. You need to leave an open question or an obvious way in of some sort. That way, people who like you have an instant way to start a conversation with you or an opening line to send a message to you. A good example would be like going on a rant about something.

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Nothing too hardcore but some of the best bonding is done over something you hate. Mutual hate can be just as good, if not better than a shared interest. Or, take an extremely weird picture that just begs people to ask what the hell is going on.

Or, challenge them to something innocuous like beating your Candy Crush score on level 65 fuck that level. Have a good clear face picture. Preferably of you smiling. This picture should be recent and fairly representational of how you look. Other than that, in my opinion, the other pictures you definitely need are: I know it can be difficult to get pictures but you can go on a picture taking spree with a group of your friends for a day. Go out to a fair or the beach.

It can be a fun, stupid way to spend an afternoon. Plus, you get to have a second pair of eyes to decide on which pictures are flattering and representative of yourself. Just try not to overdo the Instagram filters. Avoid them like a Sudowoodo and that infernal Wailmer pail. | Your Interests. Your Voice. Your Home.

A lot of the times, reading profiles are kind of like reading resumes. You find someone cute looking and you read their profile looking for a reason to say no. There are obvious big negatives and red flags like racism or liking Twilight but a subtler one is bad spelling and bad grammar. Misspelled words and poor grammar are often a pet peeve of many people.

These guys know you best and can tell you what your best qualities are and whether or not the profile is representational of you. It always helps to have people who care about you, help you out. Hopefully this helps! Want advice on relationship problems? Have a question for Dr.

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