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Spanx or thongs? Women are inundated with societal and sexual expectations from everything from Victoria Secret ads to Jezebel think-pieces, but how do they manifest in Iceland? In the land of drunk hookups and vague labels, how do Icelandic women approach sex and dating? Read at your own risk, men, but remember, these are not their names nor their ages.

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I met my last boyfriend at 3am at Paloma. I went up to him and grinded on him from behind. Then we went home and fucked. Are you good in bed together?

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Then you can decide if you want to do more. Alcohol is always involved, without exception, I think. Even my low-key friends—with perfect childhoods and no daddy issues—go downtown, meet someone for the first time, sleep with them, and then wait for them to call. I was raised Catholic so I lost my virginity very late, and I was with the same man for seven years after that, so I feel young in the dating scene.

Drunk hookups are the worst though.

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Or your little sister. I find it so funny and so cute. No one is able to fuck properly. After years of just one annual drag show in Reykjavik things changed in October when a three friends decided to form a group and do a monthly sho On YouTube On Instagram. Once my homie had sex with a girl and then went to a family party—. The women were accused of everything from prostitution to treason for snubbing Icelandic men, and some of them were even institutionalised, for what can only be compared to modern-day conversion therapy.

No one is able to fuck properly. Like I was with Arnar—. In my workplace, everyone could name maybe three coworkers they have slept or made out with. The other day, my friend asked me if I minded that she start dating this guy that I had been sleeping with and had feelings for. Everyone should have two to three vetoes in Iceland. Or your little sister. Or your mother.

I was in a domestic relationship when I was nineteen—it was quite abusive—and I recently found out that my best friend was sleeping with him after we broke up. Having that even be a possibility is only in Iceland. They will stop you from dating the wrong people. But if you get a person who moves here, I had absolutely nothing. I had to investigate. But you also get weird snippets.

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I heard something from someone that there was just something that was off with him. Everyone is looking for a best friend who they like fucking. Boys want that too. But in this downtown fucking scene, no one is honest. No one says they really like you. Everyone has a front. My friends feel like they have to wait for men to add them on Facebook, or call them. I always instigate.

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If I like someone, why would I ignore what I am feeling and what my pussy is feeling? If he pours his heart out to you, I would maybe know about it two days later. All I have to say is, be bolder and braver, Icelandic men! Buy us a drink. Try something. How To Date An Icelander.

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Can love cross boundaries? And if so, can Icelandic men make the jump? The next day we checked in on them to get the rundown. Everyone has told me men here are very nice, and they have been so far, so I was looking forward to the date. I have dated American women in the past and they are usually open, interesting and easy to talk to.

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When she walked in and I realized she was the one I was waiting for, I know my face lit up a bit. It became pretty obvious almost immediately that we were both relaxed people, which made everything not-awkward. Sometimes in the States there is an awkwardness and occasionally forced conversation just to get through the evening, but conversation flowed very well and the date lasted about four hours! We definitely lost track of time. Iceland often feels like the 51st state so I think we expected similar things. However, if anything, she probably noticed this more than me, since she was a visitor in my country. If he visits the States, he should keep in touch. It might be a blanket statement but Icelandic men seem sweet from my experience on this date.

Yes and yes! Follow us on Facebook. Check this out. Iceland is only 3 hours away from London and 5 hours away from New York! Bears on Ice weekend Bears and friends will have some fun in Reykjavik, Iceland, the world's northernmost capital in September. The Reykjavik Pride is the second weekend of August. Follow us on Twitter. Gayice What happens when you combine drag and Disney? Find out this Friday https: Bars and clubs. Vintage Box. Loft Hostel. Photo galleries. Photo galleries Guide Our Shop. Cougarmatching is one online dating app that is the first online.

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