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Getting yourself a good Brazilian Portuguese-English dictionary is a must, but get the paperback version because you're probably going to fling it at a wall at some point in the heat of an argument. There is nothing more frustrating than being repeatedly misunderstood about something you could succinctly communicate in your own language. Brazilians are passionate!

That cuts both ways. When you get along well, it'll likely be really well. When you fight - wow.


Not every romance will be like this, it is only the most commom way to find someone here. Agreed Reply. Jonathan Roseland February 4, at Thousands dating sites no email fish women, is often turn up your location. Oh, I swear I would kick such guys ass till next week. Oh yes, the language, very similar to Spanish but with this heavy twisted accent. For me as well.

You also really need to get clear about what their motivation is for dating you, and it's not necessarily accomplished by just asking. Actions speak far louder than words. I'm not going to say how I put this doubt about my own relationship to rest once and for all, but I did it.

Check your own motives as well - if you've got a notion you're going to use them as a means to emigrate and go "live in paradise" it likely won't end well. You need to be very realistic about what your job prospects might actually be, if any, in the first months and years of your romanticized "life in paradise. Once your partner's friends know of your existence you are going to have a torrent of Facebook friend requests. When you ACCEPT that first friend request don't be surprised if your partner does a similar scan of your profile and asks you to hide things they don't want their circle of friends to see.

For myself I wouldn't accept the friend request unless it was someone I actually met - and liked - more than once. These erstwhile new "friends" pretty much just want to check you out and make scandal. Did you look different in the past?

Did you post something about any kind of drugs, even once, ever? What are your politics? What's your fashion sense? Yeah, there's an element of healthy curiosity but you're opening yourself up to be the local hot topic of conversation. And getting to that - the further outside a big city your partner lives, the more intense the scrutiny is going to be socially speaking.

When you're visiting that environment just assume you're under the microscope 24x7. Did you linger on your smartphone too long at the gym? What did you buy at the supermarket?

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What did you buy at the pharmacy? Did you accidentally litter on the street? What are you putting on your plate at the buffet? It's all going to be a topic of conversation for somebody because everyone will automatically assume the worst - that you're a rich American who's "buying" a trophy partner who in turn is just using you for a green card.

Jealousy is powerful. Do not underestimate the attachment to family. The American "norm" of moving out of the house as close to age 18 as possible doesn't apply here. Your partner's family is part of the package. Americans are perfectly happy to go months or years without communicating with close family members. This is very likely not to be the case with your Brazilian partner. Do NOT talk about controversial subjects with your partner's friends. For example, among Americans marijuana is becoming more and more socially acceptable every year.

Nevermind you're sitting at an outdoor cafe in a little town in Santa Catarina and the car that just drove by positively reeked of the herb - keep a poker face. Unless someone is literally passing you a joint and you have your partner's approval , you don't touch that awful low-class stuff or ever talk about it. South Americans put on this weird public puritanical act about how anti-drug they are -- yet when you go to a nightclub there might be a notice from the local health department on the bathroom mirrors reminding you to alternate your cocaine intake between either nostril so you don't burn your nose!

Brazilians take this judgmental attitude - and corresponding hypocrisy - to an extreme. Brazilians are all about image, image, image. You are either going to become part of that image or not, and that's what dating one boils down to. If you take the plunge and move your Brazilian partner to the USA, be ready for a lengthy adjustment period. Research your options for English-as-a-second-language classes.

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Israel is a very equal culture, so even when you're gay, you need someone In Brazil, you don't bring people home for a date because it can be dangerous. I'm a middle-aged gay guy who met a Brazilian man a few years younger than You also really need to get clear about what their motivation is for dating you.

O dating 44 personals site for kankakee county and find their partner explore sex dating and love. Sadly, simply being born with a penis is no longer enough. Except in Brazil. A Brazilian guy can make his sexual intentions clear right from the beginning; he can keep pursuing the girl with direct and unapologetic intentions, getting more and more aggressive each time, and eventually winning her over.

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Of course, not all Brazilian guys have great game. Not all of them are naturals. Not all of them regularly get laid. But what separates Brazilian guys from American guys, is that pretty much all Brazilian guys are men. All Brazilian men believe that women need to be fucked. In fact, one of those countries is a large landmass in South America called Brazil. Interested in building your own passive, location-independent business? Want to avoid needless trial and error? Want to start off on the right foot under proper guidance?

Check out the Maverick Mentorship program. It has helped s of guys just like yourself to build their own business. Click here to learn more Game. June 27, at 9: What about even Brazilian guys try to date American girls or other western women, do they need game then? June 27, at 1: He has much better chances in Brazil for obvious reasons. August 3, at 4: Hello Maverick, I have talked with you before. Brazilian guys always cheating too much and there are a lot of competition between us women, they are all gorgeous and we need to keep it up to have our men with us or he goes to find another one more attractive then us.

Unfortunately it is trued and sad. Please allow my post and I also have a video who explain better how to join the website if you dont mind to me post it here:. November 21, at 2: July 8, at July 10, at 4: June 27, at You hit the nail on the head!

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Imparting new information, developing that new nugget, escalating whatever the concept is that your speaking about. It is not.


Game can be also likened to chess; you see the over all board and you invoke your strategy to capture key pieces to win the game. You advance, feign, move back until you have the piece with no choice but to be captured. Exactly right. And that communication can have several goals in mind as you eloquently say. And, yes, game can be likened to chess because chess is also a form of communication, and so is war, etc.

Perceptive and sobering observations. Maverick is among the most well-traveled and observant manosphere commentator practicing today. When he talks, I listen. One other thing I forgot to mention in my last comment. In other words, being around people with good game brings out the best in your own game.